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Why switch to LED


LED = Cost Savings

Switching to LED bulbs offers significant energy savings over incandescent, halogen and CFL altenatives.
On average LED's consume 80% less energy when compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Environmentally Friendly

LED's contain no harmful mercury and use less energy to produce the same light output as other alternatives, which reduce their impact on the environment.

Longer Life

LED's will last much longer than many alternative light bulbs.

LED Bulb = Between 15 000 - 30 000 hrs  Incandescent bulb = Less than 2000 hrs


Still not convinced ?

Available in 3 shades of light
1. Warm white
2. Natural white
3. Cool white.


With a 13.8% hike in electricity prices and regular load shedding its definitely time to reduce your electricity consumption.

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